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Flight tip

Don’t wait in line to re-book. You’ll probably need this frequent flyer tip if you’re flying around the Christmas holidays. If your flight has been cancelled, don’t wait in a long line to get your flight re-booked. Instead, find an airport phone (they’re free to use when calling an airline) and call to re-book your flight. The representative on the phone can do everything the gate agent can do, and they can usually do it faster too.

How to pack a suitcase while travelling from India to abroad

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Destination Expert for Singapore, Singapore.

There is no air safety reason not to carry an electric rice cooker on an aircraft (but don’t try to use it on board). If you want to bring food on an aircraft you can usually check any food into the hold (except very strong alcoholic drinks). If I understand you, you want to know if you can take a small rice cooker with you on a plane. The answer is yes, either as a carry-on item or in your checked baggage, whichever suits you better.

Why would you be shocked that it is not a prohibited item? Unless plugged in. Apr 03, It fits in the carry on luggage and fits the requirement to be a carry on luggage in airplane.

GeoMedic 10, forum posts.

If I put a rice cooker in carry on luggage, would they tell them it's not allowed? I just WANT to know if a rice cooker is allowed in an airplane. Nothing else, it's a simple yes or no question. Dec 16, Probably not.

In order to comply with safety regulations of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and to reflect the limited space in the overhead storage bins, there is a size limit, which means that your bag must not be bigger than 55x40x20 cm.

Remember that anything you bring on board a plane must fit into the overhead storage compartment. You are not allowed to hold items in your lap during take off and landing.

You can. Mar 17, The bottom line is: to be completely safe, check the cooker, at least the bottom part but, IMHO I would think it would pass for carryon.