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To sleep, block out light… An eye mask is essential or you’ll be kept awake by the flickering screen next to you – again, experiment to find a good one and hang onto it with your life.

Learn German - German for daily use - 25 useful Wishes - Wish someone - jemandem etwas wünschen

However, the uncertainties of life call on us to wish one another a safe

Typically we don’t wish a safe flight, but a good flight. For this one would say. “Ich wünsche Dir / Ihnen einen guten Flug” - I wish you a good flight. Dir is the less formal, Ihnen the more formal version, depending on who you are talking to.

And if it’s several people it would be “Ich wünsche Euch / Ihnen einen guten Flug”. Dec 12, 12 years ago."Viel Spaß" = have fun, not travel specific. Agree, it should be"Gute Reise". It's possible to think of a context where you would use the plural (Ich wünsche dir noch viele gute Reisen - I wish you many happy journeys), but it certainly wouldn't be the normal phrase used to wish someone"Bon voyage". Dec 01, Have a safe flight my dearest. Let me know once you have reached!

===== I know that you are not going to be able to text until you land from your flight, so I’ll wish you a safe flight meanwhile! Remember to have fun and take more pictures once you have landed from your flight!

===== Have A Nice Trip. Have A Safe Flight Back Home. You’re finally heading back! Oct 30, If it is a yes, you definitely need these safe flight wishes, and, even if not, wishing for a safe flight is never a bad idea. Travelling is the way of life; it has always been. We were born to set our foot out into the expanse of the mighty world, and, to explore it. Ever since the ancient times, human have been migrating from one place to.

The two most common ways to wish someone a safe flight is “Have a safe flight” “Safe travels” and “text me when you land” The saying “safe travels” is more broadly used and accepted for any mode of transportation. This could come in handy especially in a setting where you do not know exactly how someone is traveling. Free online Fly Safe And Have A Safe Trip ecards on Everyday Cards.

Jul 8, - Send this bon voyage ecard to someone you know who’s taking a journey. Free online Fly Safe And Have A Safe Trip ecards on Everyday Cards. Explore. Quotes.

Quotes By Genres. Life Quotes. The Journey Quotes. Jan 26, How to wish some safe travels or happy journey in different languages. Every language has it's own way to wish a traveller well before they embark on a voyage. Here's some of the most popular phrases in other languages to wish someone a good trip.

Dutch – Goede reis! French – Bon voyage! German – Gute Reise! / Gute Fahrt! 1. I am so excited to be embarking on this trip. I wish myself a safe flight. 2. I hope I don’t feel nauseous when the plane ascends as usual. I pray it is a stress-free flight. 3. As I travel today, May the pilot be guided right to fly, so I can land safely. 4.