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Flight tip

Take your shoes off – and change your socks. Once airborne, slipping off your shoes will allow your feet to swell without discomfort – it’s important to maintain good circulation. Take a spare pair of socks to change into or if the airline provides you with a pair use those. It’s weird but a fresh pair of socks makes you feel better – and usually stops your feet from smelling bad too. It’s a good idea to wear shoes that you can easily take off without having to struggle with laces in the dark and jabbing your fellow passenger with your elbow in the process.

When Should I Buy My Plane Ticket? The Earlier, The Better...

Just as restaurants may ask for an extra fee if you want a special side

Dec 29, You should pay for your ticket why should he cover all the costs? He paid for his tickets to see you. If this is going to be to expensive its best to stick with someone local to date.

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Nov 17, I usually paid for the plane tickets because I had a better job, but I think that in most situations, splitting it half and half is really not a big deal. 1, should be plenty for you if you're staying with him instead of a hotel. I would do the half and half, enjoy your time together, and quit fretting about it. I would have to buy my return flight which is fine with me. He has all these amazing things planned for us to do together, and I do really want to go see him.

My problem is that I don't feel right with him buying me a ticket. Should I let him pay for me to get there or just. Jul 14, i no how you feel, i was in a long-distance relationship and i had to help pay for my guy's ticket to come see me but it was worth every penny!

I think you should help pay, i don't think you. Mar 30, If he really wants you he will pay to see you. If he is honestly short, he may take a little while. But he will still make a way, to make it happen. If you're mearly convienent, he'll hold out for.

Nov 11, Should he pay for my plane ticket to go see him when he gets out?

He must pay.

So I know this is kind of a random question and I'm not sure if I posted this in the right spot. My MWI is getting out in a few weeks and he's said that he wants me to come visit him when he gets out. I am fully aware that he will have no money when philadelphia to boston plane tickets gets out.